This is a pattern my grandmother has been knitting forever. She is 88 years old now, so I’ve decided to publish the pattern for posterity.

They look so snug & warm!I was just wishing I had my Grandma's slipper pattern - thanks ravelry! Ravelry: Grandma's Knitted Slippers pattern by Zanne

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Lizbeth Upitis Latvian mittens

Graph 53 - District Unknown pattern by Lizbeth Upitis

Ravelry: Blomsterkrukka fra Rolset * Rolset Selbu mitten pattern by Anne Bårdsgård

Old pattern described by Jorunn Rolset. Elements of the pattern are found in other Selbu mittens. Adjust gauge, needles or

Ravelry: Sagitta pattern by Amanda Scheuzger More

Sagitta pattern by Amanda Scheuzger