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Tor Jørgen Tofte

Tor Jørgen Tofte
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A recipe for German smoked goose breast. This is a classic recipe is from Pomerania: Goose breast cured with juniper and smoked over beech, apple or oak.

A very special German recipe for smoked goose breast, this is one of the most wonderful recipes on this website. Make this with domestic goose breast, or wait until you have a fat Canada or whitefront goose before you make this.


The nice thing about Sopressa Vincentian is that it's a delicate salami that is aged at least 60 days - usually topped with spices and garlic. The wait is definitely worthwhile! Especially if you put it in a Panini or use this a pizza topping.

How to cure and smoke your own bacon.

I have a problem with bacon. I am addicted to the stuff. And I use it in a ton of my recipes . Does wild game need bacon in order to be turned into an outstanding meal? Not at all, it stands alone just fine. Bacon is just another ingredient.