MY FAVORITE COLOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teal Blue - a medium to dark greenish blue…
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the sky is pink and blue over the ocean
The Deep Blue Sea tjn
a cat sitting on top of a tree branch with the moon in the sky behind it
Blogas.lt bendruomenė!
Staring at the Moon tjn
Butterfly Flutter-by  tjn Nail Arts, Tiffany Blue, Madam Butterfly, Teal Butterfly, Shades Of Teal, Butterfly Kisses, Shades Of Turquoise, Manicure E Pedicure, Mani Pedi
L'Été papillon de Chanel ⋆ Beautylab.nl
Butterfly Flutter-by tjn
a woman in white dress skating on ice
Tiny Dancer tjn
some very pretty looking flowers in the grass
Globe Thistle tjn
a golden sun on the side of a blue and black clock with roman numerals
Daylight hours
Daylight Hours tjn
close up view of water droplets on a dandelion
Cling. by Sherstin Schwartz | Redbubble
Cling by Sherstin Schwartz tjn