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Thien Than
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Unspoiled Nature,Sea shore near Myeik Island, Kawthaung Township, Taninthari Region of Myanmar.

One of thens of thousands of gorgeous and empty beaches in the Mergui Archipelago. Lots of islands there haven't even been properly charted, that's how off-the-beaten-track the area is

Underwater Museum in Mexico

"In Honor of Our African Ancestors at the Bottom of the Atlantic" Vicissitudes Underwater Sculpture - Grenada, West Indies Artist Jason de Caires Taylor, with Johanna Fernandez , Ari Merretazon and Tina Varick.

Milky Way over Fly Geyser, Nevada

Milky Way over Fly Geyser, Nevada. The continuous Fly Geyser of Fly Ranch is on private land in Nevada and began during 1916 due to water well drilling that accidentally penetrated a geothermal source.Never knew this place existed?