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some blue berries with water droplets on them Blueberry/ Water
Blueberry/ in the style of stylistic nature scenes
orange slices and ice in water with bubbles
Fresh Citrus Slices in Water
High resolution photograph of orange slices and lemon slices in sparkling water, with delicate ripples forming on the surface of the liquid. With transparent mixed ice cubes,The scene is bathed in soft light that highlights every detail. A closeup shot captures intricate textures, showcasing vibrant colors and natural beauty. This composition creates an atmosphere of freshness and vitality, making it perfect for commercial use or product photography. --v 6 --stylize 750
some blue berries with water droplets on them
the rear end of a white sports car
Singer DLS 2018 Based on Porsche 911 (964) Engine: 4.0L Flat 6 Power: 373 kW / 507 hp Weight: 990 kg / 2,183 lbs 0-100 kph: 4.0 seconds Top Speed: 300 kph / 186 mph
a black and white photo of a car parked in an empty room with light coming through the window
Porsche wallpaper