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Naughty Elf! This one will have the older kids laughing when they go to get ready for school in the morning.

Making Life Whimsical: Elf Magic is Back! I'm not a fan of elf on the shelf, but I do like this idea!

Elf on the Dirty Girls’ Shelf 2014 – Choose Your Own Elf-venture! Dirty Girls' Good Books are cracking me up with the naughty version of Elf. R rating here :)

As we countdown toward Christmas and the end of 2014 I have a lot of traditions I enjoy. I work on my Best of 2014 book list.

Definitely on the naughty list.

Everyone has been enjoying 'Christmas, LOL' so here are 7 new photos. Here are links to the others so far: Christmas, LOL Photos) and Christmas, LOL - Part 2 Photos).