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a white spiral staircase in a modern building
Arc Side by Jolson Architecture and Interiors | Interiors | est living
a spiral staircase in an empty room with no people
Rounded Staircase | Copyright-free photo (by M. Vorel) | LibreShot
a metal wall with numbers on it in front of a white wall and a window
Gallery of Het Kasteel / HVDN - 10
the kitchen is very large and has an open floor plan with lots of windows to let in natural light
A Place To Warm Your Soul
the bookshelves are full of books in this room
Architektur: Der Freiheit so nah
Der Fotograf James Silverman hat weltweit Häuser fotografiert, die sich auf besondere Weise in Landschaften fügen. Wo hört das Drinnen auf, wo fängt das Draußen an?
an empty room with large windows and wooden ceilinging on both sides, in the middle of a wood paneled building
the interior of a house with wooden walls and ceilings
Idea 920694: house in Mitaki by HANKURA Design in Japan
a room with a table, chairs and a fire place in the middle of it
横内敏人建築設計事務所|T. Yokouchi Architect & Associate|京都市の住宅・建築設計事務所
the kitchen is clean and ready for us to use
A Quietly Robust Brunswick Home That Fits Together Like A Puzzle
a kitchen with brown cabinets and white plates on the shelf above the dishwasher
Color Story : Terracotta and Clay — Carmela Designs
an empty room with stairs and railings leading up to the second floor, in front of a concrete wall
Salk Institute for Biological Studies-Louis Kahn-2 | Jason R Woods | Architectural Photography
an empty concrete parking lot with benches in front of it and the sky above them
Salk institute.
Salk institute. : brutalism
there is a wooden stair case in the house
Gallery ST876 Schody dywanowe wykonane z dębu. Balustrada ze szkła z drewnianym pochwytem. Schody z linii TECHNE. Realizacja wykonana w domu prywatnym, projekt – TRĄBCZYŃSKI / ST876 Zigzag stair made of oak. Balustrade made of glass with wooden handrail. Stairs of the TECHNE line. Private residential project, designed by TRABCZYNSKI
the building is made of concrete and has stairs leading up to it's roof
Denys Lasdun, Brutalist architecture - Béton brut - Royal National Theatre, South Bank Lambeth, London. Prince Charles described the building in 1988 as "a clever way of building a nuclear power station in the middle of London without anyone objecting" What does he know.