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a glass jar filled with lots of different types of buttons next to a sign that says find your perfect match
A Perfect Match: How To Incorporate Matches Into Your Wedding {DIY}
Sparklers for the exit
there are many framed pictures on the table
Meet the bridesmaids! In a little frame, post a picture of each girl and tell how you met & why you chose them to be in your wedding. I love this idea!
a table topped with books and vases filled with flowers next to a sign that says make a wish for his couple
Gallery #561
a vase filled with lots of white tags and pinstripes on top of each other
Manchester Wedding by Carla Ten Eyck
Such a great ending!
a pink sign that says we say
A Back to the Future, Harry Potter & Star Wars Themed Nerdy Wedding: Jaclyn & Steven
For tables! something to laugh about after the honeymoon
an open book on a table with candles and pictures
Turn engagement photos into a book and have guest sign instead of a guest book!