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a woman with black hair and red eyes in front of an orange background, surrounded by roses
Carmilla: a vampira de Karnstein
a poster with an image of a woman's face and flowers in her hair
Aaron Horkey & Vania Zouravliov ‘Dracula’ Mondo print
an image of a woman holding a skull in front of her face with wings on it
Blood Is My Favorite Color
Surreal witch Surrealism, Blonde
Nice witch - by Titti Blonde
Surreal witch
a woman in black dress sitting next to a cat on a green field with bats
Imasdae - by Titti Blonde
a woman with black hair and makeup holding a cat in front of a full moon
Dark Witch - by Titti Blonde
a woman holding a drink in front of a red heart with bats flying around her
a woman with black hair and makeup is sitting in front of a full moon holding a cat
Nadrorn - by Titti Blonde
Manga, Marvel, Comic Art, Character Art, Female Art, Comics Girl
a painting of a woman with tattoos and roses on her head, holding hands to her chest
Tattoo Paintings by Lisa McIntyre | Art and Design