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a group of racing cars driving down a track in the foggy weather with people standing on the sidelines behind them
Drop Anchors
Vintage F1
two men standing next to a parked car at an outdoor event with tents in the background
The best ideas for a vintage car. Take a look and get inspired. |See more suggestions at www.vintageindustyle.com
an old model car with the number 79 on it's front wheel drivetrain
The Milton Motors 79 Coupe by Lugnegård Design
Milton Motors 79 Coupe Almost looks like the cars my grandpa used to race back in the day
a green car parked in front of a building
Maserati Ghibli SS 1968 - thecoolcars.nl
#Maserati #Ghibli #SS
an old silver trailer is parked in the grass
Carnies & Geeks
1937 Hunt House Car. Precursor to the #RV, I can't get over how delightful this thing is. I like the Art Deco styling, the #chrome grill. I would totally #drive this daily. Only thing, do you think the side mirror is a late addition? Kinda outta place. Should be chrome.
two men in tuxedos standing next to an old fashioned mercedes benz sports car
The Gullwing, one of the most valuable cars in existance. The Italians learn't it here first, like most things.
an old mercedes sports car with its hood open
Cooler Than Before
Mercedes Benz 300SL
a silver sports car sitting on top of a black floor next to a white wall
lemanoosh: 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR (takeovertime)
lemanoosh: 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR
three different cars are shown side by side
Carhoots Car Gifts
Equus Bass 770: The Ridiculous $250,000 Muscle Car For The 21st Century Badboy! Are you man enough? Hit the pic to find out... #americanmuscle