Knitting Pattern PDF file Winter Baby BOOTS

Knitting Pattern (PDF file) Winter Baby Boots (0-6/6-12 months)

Knitting & Maggie Smith.  What's not to love?

Live Dangerously!

What are stitch markers for anyway, seriously. I have been a knitter for years and never touched a stitch marker in my life, and my knits still come out fine.

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Ända sen jag för första gången såg Maria Carlanders underbara lilla sergel-tröja har jag tänkt att jag skulle vilja ha en sån till mitt bar...

If you have a passion for arts and crafts you actually will really like this cool site!

Krunkað á Klakanum  - Knit on Ice: Legghlífar

Krunkað á Klakanum - Knit on Ice: Legghlífar

Lovise kjolen

Lovise kjolen