Thomas Olofsson

Thomas Olofsson

Oslo, Norway
Thomas Olofsson
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Scull Sticker by Thomas Olofsson

A sticker Im working on right now. Hope you like it.

Wasp Toxic Jacket by Thomas Olofsson

A personal project im working on right now. Hope you like it.

Alien habitats unexplored website concept. by Thomas Olofsson

There are still some hidden corners of the Earth that remain essentially unexplored, That´s why I made this concept website to show of some of the coolest and sc.

Habitats, Ui Ux, Work On, Concept, Behance, Gallery, Aliens, Check, Behavior

Behance, Graphics, Gallery, Check, Work On, Skateboard, Behavior, Skateboarding, Graphic Design, Skateboards

Lines by Thomas Olofsson

Typography poster I made.

Skateboarding, Skateboard, Skateboards

Leftside ROCKNROLL TYPE by Thomas Olofsson

This is something I´m working on right now. Inspiration comes from skateboard and punkrock. This is just the first stage in the creative process.

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