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What is #grafting? #horticulture

What is grafting? Joining 2 compatible plant parts, usually scion (branch) and rootstock. It is useful for creating dwarf fruit trees, growing on disease resistant or hardier rootstock, or on roots better adapted to your soil conditions.

Grafting roses

Propagating roses by cuttings is easy. Some say the secret of success is the humble potato! Before planting rose cuttings, push the bottom end into a small potato, which keeps the cuttings moist as they develop roots.

Fill a lightbulb w/concrete, stick in a screw, wait for it to dry, break off the glass and u have an awesome coat hook.

DIY Concrete Light Bulb: Make Your Own Coat Hooks. Fill a light bulb with concrete, stick in a screw, wait for it to dry, then carefully remove the glass. What a great industrial style look.