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the words slow is smooth and smooth it's fast on a white background with black ink
When it comes to learning new motor skills and we want it in a hurry it's worth remembering that "slow is smooth & smooth is fast" #acceleratedlearning #acroyogadance #acroyoga
two hands with the word patience written on them
I usually hate knuckle tattoos. But I kind of really love this one.
bill gates giving a speech with the words, patience is a key element of success
Great Tips For Better Business Leadership Solutions
All good things to those who wait...I'll wait...I want the best...
an advertisement with the words, no desistas non exires never give up never
Success Quotes Survey | Question For Success Quotes
the words die with memories, not dreams are written in white on a black background
Die with memories, not dream.
And this is why I travel...we choose to spend our money on traveling and making memories vs spending it on things