Thomas Ekeli

Thomas Ekeli

Fredrikstad,Norway / 39 year ,fine art painter ,lofi/bw photographer,likes films from the 30-50s.with an everlasting desire for knowledge ,childlike eager to discover, Dis-Covering
Thomas Ekeli
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Wing Flapping Mechanism Step 1

Wing Flapping Mechanism Step 1 Mechanism reproduce to the flappings wings.

ずっと見てしまいます。 | 【謎の快感】う、美しすぎる……素晴らしき"歯車"の芸術

Machination - a variety of GIFs showing how things are made. Items range from food (pretzels, macaroni, pancakes) to mechanical products (chains, wire-fencing, glassware).

Tutorial origami, the art of ... mechanical heart, paper sculpture art! Steampunk. sarah- heart form

"Mechanical heart paper sculptures -to me, its like steampunk meets modern art. Love it." Also, it's made out of PAPER!