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a man's arm with a clock and an old - fashioned tattoo on it
Brilliant Viking project by Victor M 👌Done using @holygrailtattoocartridges supplied by @tattooeverythingsupplies Inbox the studio for…
a man with a tattoo on his arm has a clock and letters tattooed on it
5 Ideas of Odin's Tattoos for Odin Worshippers
5 Ideas of Odin's Tattoos for Odin Worshippers Odin was among the most powerful and influential gods to the Vikings. There were many reasons why the Vikings worshipped Odin. In this day and age, Odin remains his popularity partly thanks to his modern adaptation into many blockbusters.
an image of a tattoo with symbols on it
Viking Valknut Symbol
Viking Valknut Symbol. Valknut was one of the most sacred symbols in Norse mythology and Viking belief. Valknut symbol was known as the Heart of the Slain. Valknut was actually the symbol of Odin the Allfather who was also known as the nonstop seeker after knowledge and the God of Death and War.
a drawing of an eagle with a man's face and two birds on it
Old Norse Odin tattoo design
Made this symbolic design to represent God Odin and nordic forest, with huginn and munninn.