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Things that people must be sure about the courses they are getting in through online workshops and institutes in Australia

There are many different options that are available in online courses and some of the aspects need to be clear for the enrolling people.

Birds Mouth Hollow Shaft Paddle Making

Birds Mouth Hollow Shaft Paddle Making

Birds Mouth Hollow Shaft Paddle Making Fly Tying Vise True 360 rotation MagnaVise: Sports & Outdoors

Muskoka Lifestyle Products Fly Tying Vise True 360 Rotation MagnaVise Fly Tying Vise True 360 rotation MagnaVise: Sports & Outdoors

Landing Net Building

I like projects, for some reason I just like to make things. After looking at wooden landing nets on the internet I thought to myself I can make those. I did not take any pictures of the bending, glueing, and shaping process. Nor did I take any of the machining the brass ring. I will probably do that in a future blog because I would like to make a net for the boat so I will be making more. Here are two nets that are in process, I could not decide if I wanted a net with fiddle back maple…

Galvan Torque Fly Reel - Fly Line Included

Galvan Torque Large Arbor Fly Reel The revised Galvan Torque fly reel now comes in a multitude of colors and has a rounded spool and frame rims, to the contoured counter balance, to the uniquely designed cutouts on the spool, frame, and drag knob, to the innovative new drag system. The drag system for the Galvan Torque Fly Reel is composed of stainless steel and a state-of-the-art, heat- and wear-resistant thermoplastic unlike anything else on the reel market. The Torque fly reel is…

Ed Herbst on the evolution of the modern fly tying vise

In search of a virtuous vise – a subjective assessment of the evolution, design and characteristics of the modern fly tying vise Ed Herbst I started f...

How to Make a Bamboo Fly Fishing Rod | Plans | Woodworking

How to make a bamboo fly fishing rod. Including tapering guide chart and plans to build a Garrison Binder. Making your own fly fishing rod is rewarding.

Fly Rod Tube Storage Rack 13 position

Fly Rod Tube Storage Rack 13 position | Etsy

This handcrafted display rack may not help you catch more fish, but it is a great way to store and display 13 of your favorite fly rods in their tubes. It is crafted of select solid hard wood joined together with 12 hand cut through mortises in traditional Arts and Crafts style. This allows the rack to be "knocked down" for shipping. Assembly is simple as the 4 pieces fit together and are held tight with contrasting walnut wedges. Simply slip the 4 pieces together and tap in the wedges…

Dingley Reels For Sale

Dingley Reels - Perfect, St. George, Caged Spool Tagged "Dingley, reel".

Leland Reel Co. Classic Trout Fly Reel, 5/6 - Welcome to Fly Fishing

What we feel is the quintessentially classic fly reel, sized appropriately for all around trout fly fishing.

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