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a painting of birds flying in the sky
Lisa Aisato - nettbutikk
an angel with white wings and stars in the sky
Woodmansterne Charity Christmas Cards - Wdm7376 - Christmas Angel - Pack of 5 Cards - Sold in Aid of Childline
two young boys sitting on a bench in the rain
It's Fishing Time by Adhitiya Wibhawa / 500px
a woman and child sitting on the floor next to each other with a candle in their hand
Mirada de Mujer
Mirada de Mujer
a small child with a basket on his back and a quote about the same person
babies Photo: baby...
a painting of two hands holding each other
Peter Greczmiel
an old man with his hands on his face and the words, i'm misn
a black and white photo with the words'08 de marco'in spanish
Lee Jeffries’ Favorite Photos On 500px
an old man holding his hands together with the quote true love is when you love someone
These 27 Old Couples Will Remind You What Love Is All About - LifeHack
an old woman holding her hands to her face
Traces of Life