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らってだよー(@xLaxmix)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート Manga, Sketches, Fan Art, Character Design, Art, Zelda Characters, Konami, Revolver
らってだよー(@xLaxmix)さん | Twitterがいいねしたツイート
a woman in a costume with a sombrero on her head
two pictures one with the caption when he picks you up and the other has an image of a woman hugging her man
"This is Pequod. On station at LZ"
a drawing of a man sitting in a chair holding a coffee cup and looking at the camera
Prove your humanity
a man with glasses and blood on his face
a drawing of a man sitting on a bench wearing boots and a scarf over his head
a man sitting on top of a bench next to a machine in a sci - fi setting
The boss Emo Style, Game Art, Video Game Art, Adventure Time Anime, Kojima Productions
The boss
an old - school video game with two men in front of some flowers and trees
Snake Eater PixelArt by 2dforever on DeviantArt
Snake Eater PixelArt by 2dforever
a man sitting in the middle of a forest holding a knife to his face and looking at something
unartifex: Maybe if Snake uses that phantom cigar those sentries will go away…
a drawing of a man with a beard holding a cat in his hands and pointing to the side
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