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Chart of Horse Head Markings
(Tovero = tobiano + overo) The more white genes your horse has the more white it must show. You can not have a horse with tobiano + splash + sabino and have it display at minimal. Homozygous genes ...


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an animal with a saddle on it's back
Humblewood: The Heart of Dako, Olivia Rea
the sun shines through some grass in the water
Studies & Sketches 49, Henry Wong
the sky is filled with clouds and some buildings in front of a large tower crane
[ ZRY Shop ] Code 7
the sky is filled with clouds and buildings in front of a cityscape at night
Anime World Tweet on X
a man standing in a room with blood on the floor and red light coming from behind him
Bloodshed [1920×1080]
an animated cat laying on top of a bed next to another cartoon character in the background
NITW - The Elevator Attack by LynxGriffin on DeviantArt
snow covered trees and bushes in front of a house at night with lights shining on them
four different colored wolfs with their mouths open and fangs out, all facing the same direction
Explore the Best Wolves Art | DeviantArt
Space Shuttle
a painting of a human skull in blue and pink colors, with one eye partially closed
skull by kkgy on DeviantArt
two different images of the same woman's face and one has an orange eye
Anime Ignite - Your Source for all Things Anime - Anime Ignite
a frog with a crown on it's head sitting in front of a computer screen
endspire 💛 ONE PIECE BRAINROT on X
four different types of anime eyes with the names in each section and their corresponding colors
‘‘Tis a guide