Recently found out about this sort of "accidental" art by Andy Warhol. A case of serendipity for me. For the love of experimental abstract art.

A richly printed reproduction of Andy Warhol's take on the Rorschach test, done in This print is set in a contemporary-style frame with a rich espresso finish. Made in the USA.

Tame Impala's Innerspeaker is one of the albums that have made the hugest impression on me. The same can be said for the album cover art made by Leif Podhajský. Amazing art for the ears, the eyes, the whole being really.

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Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener

Eric Zener: title unknown [portrait of mouth bubbles underwater]; oils on canvas. "Hypnotic Paintings of Water by Eric Zener.

Amazing photographic prints by Matt Waples  Found it on the amazing site: but does it float

but does it float Where does the light go when the light goes out? Photographic prints by Matt Waples Title: David Zindell

Leif Podhajsky and Eva Papamargariti collaborate on colorful dreamscapes.

The Psychedelic Language of Dreams in a Digital Exhibit

Lars Hertervig, a Norwegian artist who never received the recognition he deserved. When I see paintings like his, it reminds me how it often seems like those claimed to be insane have an extended awareness. They manage to capture what lies beyond the illusions, bringing us closer to the truth.

Lars Hertervig (Norwegian, Old Pine Trees, oil on canvas, 64 x cm, Museum Stavanger

BBC-documentary by Adam Curtis is both really informative (it explains how PR was invented, and how psychoanalasys has been used to control the masses) and artful with it's raw collagestyle. Adam Curtis is such an amazing documentary maker with a unique style and approach - this is just one of his many mindblowing documentaries.

The Century of the Self - Adam Curtis' acclaimed BBC documentary mini-series examines the rise of the all-consuming self against the backdrop of the Freud dynasty.

Olav Strømme, norwegian painter 1909-1978

Olav Strømme, norwegian painter 1909-1978

Nicolas Jaar - Essential Mix (NO BBC Edit). Nicolas Jaar is a true musical genius. His way of mixing old and new, different styles and genre, is remarkable. Everything he's made is full of soul, depth - it moves you in new ways everytime you tune in, taking your mind and spirit new places - you don't come back the same if you really listen..

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