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Tie hack. I don't really need to know this, however if the occasion were to arise I would be able to carry through with it Life Hacks, Teaching, Tie, Manly, Tips, Hacks, Tie Knots, Helpful Hints, Creative
100+ Life Hacks That Will Instantly Improve Your Life For The Better
Tie hack. I don't really need to know this, however if the occasion were to arise I would be able to carry through with it
there is a yellow kayak sitting on the dock next to some boxes with words that read 30 date ideas under $ 30
29 Awesome First Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Sitting at a Bar
30 Cheap and Awesome Date Ideas Under $30 | Greatist need to remember this! It's hard to go out when we're both cheap!
a large number of magazines stacked on top of each other
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Best Zombie Apocalypse Gift Ever… SO AMAZING!
a mug filled with marshmallows on top of a table
I love crafting for my sisters' birthdays, and do it whenever I can! I've recently been dating a guy from a fraternity, and his birthday is coming up. I'm looking for some craft ideas to make for a fraternity boy rather than a sorority sister. I'm sure he would prefer something more masculine (maybe not sparkly candle holders...) and preferably something other than a cooler. Any ideas would be amazing! :)
DIY GIFTS FOR GUYS✄ Painted cooler, bubba keg, lg water bottle, flask, sports equipment (rowing paddle, baseball bat...) / paint some beer, highball or shot glasses / crafted plaque, paddle, picture frame / decoupaged box, use manly paper (i.e. map, sports/hobby, preppy) / make KJP or lemon & line style “rope” bracelet / DIY set of coasters (try comics, sports, dogs, vintage cars) / DIY frig magnets or paperweights / When in doubt, food gifts are always a hit! Try this “candy” beer mug
a young boy sitting on the floor in front of a building made out of sticks
Life-Size Building Blocks - Modern Parents Messy Kids
Newspaper Forts....roll newspaper pages, build your own fort with the kids...great tutorial with photos
an aerial view of a backyard with steps leading up to a shed and deck area
Outdoor Kids Play Area - Photos & Ideas
Landscape Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodels and Decor
two toothbrushes made to look like an airplane on a blue surface with red, white and black stripes
20 Fun Backyard Water Games for Kids
Sizzling hot summer days call for clever ideas that can keep you cool. Make a splash this season with a bucketful of backyard games, frozen treats, and other activities to help beat the awesome heat.
several balls with different designs on them sitting on a table next to a child's hand
GIY - Do It Yourself Pokeballs From PopCultureCrafts | Geek Decor
GIY – Do It Yourself Pokeballs From PopCultureCrafts
three pictures showing different types of plates and spoons on a table with candles in them
COCO29 - Advice, Opinions & Insights on Love, Relationships & Spirituality
Simple DIY Seashell Candles!
the process of painting bowls and spoons is shown in several different pictures, including one being
Use Crayons To Create Color Block Candles For Kids Of All Ages
DIY Multi Color Candle (with directions how to make!!)
a wooden door with a metal handle on it
Latch. This is freaking gorgeous. I really love it when thought and craftsmanship go into small functional details of daily life.
a wooden toy guitar with red knobs on it's strings and an object in the shape of a flower
Geek gifts for dads - Father's Day Gift Guide
This etsy shop sells handmade ukeleles like this Atom ukelele. Wowwwww. (And not cheap.)
the pinterest app is showing an image of a glass bowl filled with food | The official home for all things Disney
I WILL MAKE THIS SOME DAY AND IT WILL MAKE ME SUPER HAPPY. I just want a totally legit and non creepy way to have dinosaurs in my home... is that too much to ask for?