I dont regret

so true, life is short, also you always hear live in the moment if somebody wants a tattoo in the moment, who cares if the regret it later. at least they wont regret NOT getting one.

Emty canvas

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Tattooed women

Tattooed women are awesome. Even when we're naked, we are still the best-dressed woman around :)

My Ink

WORDS: "You should be less concerned with the ink on my body and more concerned with the character within." More like, for Luke, "You should be less concerned about the ink on my body and more with the stories that created them.


I am far from perfect and never claimed to be, but I am tattooed, pierced and awesome!

That feeling

I think its time that my Hands get some ink. Mothers face on my right hand and fathers face on my left hand or vise versa.