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some very cute looking clay faces on a table
Guys, guys, guys ...
the shelves are filled with gnome hats and figurines
Nissas Juleblogg
a part og my "Nisse"-collection
a green ceramic cat shaped container on a white surface with two eyes and one nose
Кот - колобок, высота 11 см., ширина 13 см. Очень оригинальная и позитивная статуэтка
a statue of an old man with a bag on his back and a stick in his hand
a statue of an old man with a bird on his shoulder and holding a wooden stick
Kjell Midthun--when it comes to woodcarving, amazing is not an overused word
a small toy house sitting on top of a wooden shelf
House #13
Clay house with nite lite
three figurines are standing on top of a white shelf and one is wearing a red dress
Ingun Dahlin. Trondheim Norway
the words 2 good claymates snowflake canes are written in white on a brown
Signature Stamp Tutorial
2 Good Claymates: Signature Stamp Tutorial
three clay figures standing next to each other
Maria Øverbye
avsporing.no / Maria Øverbye
a red and white mushroom sitting on top of a rock
Red white black magic polymer clay toadstool Home decor,Fairy Garden
Red white black magic polymer clay toadstool Home by Petradi
three giraffes and one zebra on a wooden table
Фигурки из полимерной глины от Jen Robinson - КлуКлу
three cups and two spoons sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to crayons
Part of a ceramic and mahogany watercolour palette set. The ceramic pieces are thrown with a clay body rich in iron and have an assortment of crackle glazes applied. Brush holders, miniature inkwells and water-pots are set into the hollows in the wood. Below this sits an ink dip pen, thrown off the hump and laying on an extruded rest, both are glazed in a similar fashion with layered white and green. All the pieces are reduction fired to near cone nine, around one-thousand two-hundred and si...
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table in front of a white wall
Vianoce dekorácie
Dekorácie - Prišlo k nám Svetlo Sveta - 5992477_
six clay birds sitting on top of a table next to each other with words written in them
Clay birds
Clay birds by So Bai
an image of a woman's face made out of clay
Ceramika - Stylowi.pl - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, kupuj
Tête sculpture Plus