Tess Nordlysbuksejenta

Tess Nordlysbuksejenta

I mainly use my Pinterest hidden, it's just for me personally not anyone else.
Tess Nordlysbuksejenta
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Sheer Split Maxi Tee - S

Sheer Split Maxi Tee - S

Tiger Swim - LT S

Interesting fact: the very first swimsuit I made was a tiger print. But it wasn't a real tiger. This is a real tiger. There have been a few big cat swimsuit pri

Cross Of St. Peter Black Legs - M

Peter's cross leggings Tags still attatched. Composition: Polyester, Elastane Made in: Australia Blackmilk Pants Leggings

Vampire Slayer Bodysuit - S

We're not saying that you HAVE to look this badass when going around driving stakes into the hearts of the undead. We're just saying it couldn't hurt. Pair with black denim cut-offs and lace-up boots for extra slaying power.

Sapphire Dress - XS

A little while ago we made a Crystal swim and it was, in the words of the designer "awesome." We've revived it (in more colours and styles! Awesomer than ever, in fact.

Mucha Black Touchdown - S

Alphonse Mucha was a century artist, and a member of the Art Nouveau movement. Art Nouveau is French for 'drawing pictures of ladies' because that is pretty much all these guys ever did. Mucha had one other passion in his life,