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three jars filled with purple and pink glitter
25 Inspiring Space Crafts For Kids
If your kids loved stargazing, or even if they just love space in general, these inspiring space crafts for kids will give you all something amazing to explore together! Travel to planets, meet astronauts, visit the great beyond, and be back in time for lunch. Have fun! Kids love exploring, they will love making these […]
collage of images with words and pictures about indoor staycation
11 Fun Indoor Staycation Ideas For Kids
Stuck indoors? Planning for staycation ideas for a long weekend ahead? Or too lazy to go out? Then try some of these fun indoor staycation ideas for the whole family! Oh, and there are lots of indoor activities for kids in here too! These activities will surely keep the whole gang busy while having so […]
2-year-olds are always on the move and keeping them entertained can be rough. But worry no more! These fun learning activities for your toddler are real game-changers! Your 2-year-old will have so much fun with these learning activities they won��’t even realize they are learning! Have Great Fun with these Learning Activities for Your 2-year-old! 1. […] Albert Einstein, Easy Activities, Toddler Play, Play Ideas, Childrens Activities, Toddler Fun, Food Yummy, Play Dough, Toddler Learning
10 Playful Learning Activities for 2-Year-Olds
2-year-olds are always on the move and keeping them entertained can be rough. But worry no more! These fun learning activities for your toddler are real game-changers! Your 2-year-old will have so much fun with these learning activities they won’t even realize they are learning! Have Great Fun with these Learning Activities for Your 2-year-old! 1. […]
polar bear crafts for kids are featured in this collage with the words, 16 polar bear crafts for kids
16 Freezingly Adorable Polar Bear Crafts For Kids
Polar bear crafts are a favorite thing to do during the winter months for kids of all ages staying warm inside the house or in the classroom! Bring friendly arctic animals into your home with these 16 polar bear crafts for kids using simple craft supplies and art supplies you likely already have on hand. […]
a young boy wearing overalls and a hat holding a camera
25 Indoor Scavenger Hunt Ideas (With a Mobile App for Extra Credit)
Looking for some fun indoor scavenger hunt ideas? These ideas are easy, creative, and great for kids and adults. With a free scavenger hunt app, these will be great activities to keep everyone happy. What Are Scavenger Hunts? Traditionally, scavenger hunts are done outdoors, where you need to collect a number of items to complete […]
the 25 ways to let it snow collage with pictures and text overlays
25 Spectacular Indoor Snow Crafts And Activities For Kids
Kids love snow! Whether you find yourself buried in snow each year, or never see a flake, these spectacular indoor snow crafts and activities for kids are a fun way to enjoy the season! Best part? You won’t have to spend hours outside in the cold! From homemade snow to art to different ways of […]
25 whacky ways to play with water beads
25 Whacky Ways to Play with Water Beads
Water beads is a great sensory activity for kids… of all ages! The cool, slick, and whacky water beads are fun to play with, and your kids will love the sensory input they offer. From slime to edible, these water beads activities are a kind of fun that is guaranteed to last for hours. Cool […]
25 crazy monster crafts for kids to make
25 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids
Your little monsters are going to love these super creative crazy monster crafts! No matter how crazy your kids are, nothing will compare to their crazy little imaginations. That’s why these 25 Crazy Monster Crafts for Kids are going to be so much for for all of you! Your kids will be able to unleash […]
there are many different pictures that include scissors, paper plates and other things to do with them
8 Educational Games And Activities For Your 5-Year-Old
If you have a five-year-old, then you know how difficult it can be to get them to mix learning with play. These educational games and activities can help! Below are some fun educational activities which will act as perfect number lessons for young learners. These are perfect for those about to enter preschool, or elementary […]
25 epic cardboard crafts for kids
25 Epic Cardboard Forts
Forts are where kids plot to take over the world. Where they dream. Where they pretend, imagine, play, and create. Your child may have seen box forts all over YouTube and got inspired, so here are some great fort ideas that they can do with parent’s help! These epic cardboard forts are so amazing your […]
there are many different activities to do with letters and numbers in this series of pictures
16 Letter Learning Activities For Preschoolers
Excited to start your little one’s learning journey? Begin teaching your toddler about the alphabet early with these fun letter learning activities for preschoolers! Your toddler will have a blast with these fun activities, all while learning about their letters! Fun and Creative Letter Learning Activities For Preschoolers 1. Learn About Letters Using LEGOs You […]
colorful cookies with black icing are arranged on a plate
25 Funny Decorated Cookies For Kids
Looking for a different look on your cookies because kids say they’re eating the same thing? These 25 tricks on making funny decorated cookies for kids will surely be a big hit for a level up on your everyday snacks! These are all time treats that kids will love over and over again. Kids love […]
there is a collage of photos with words that say, 8 insannely awesome sensory activities
18 Activities For Sensory Play
Sensory play is one of the most important activities in your toddler’s early formative years. This activity helps your little one use and hone their senses about the things around them through play! Make your child’s day when you set up one of these activities for sensory play! Your kid will have a blast, and […]
the top 20 counting games for preschoolers
20 Counting Games for Preschoolers
Today we are showing you some fun and cool ways to teach your preschoolers how to learn basic counting! We have several ideas for kids who are energetic, crafty, and those who love to have fun! Learn and play together with your kids with these 20 counting games for preschoolers! These are such fun ways […]
legos are being used as toys for children to learn how to make them and use them
11 Creative Ways to Use LEGOs
Your childhood is not complete without LEGOs! Perfect for all ages, these LEGO crafts are so creative, you will surely see LEGO in a brand new way! These LEGO ideas are great for any young LEGO fans who want to experiment with their bricks! You and your kids are going to have so much fun […]