You want pancakes when you camp...  But it's messy, you have to take milk and eggs...  What if you pre-made it before you left and stored them in bags.    Freeze it, pack it, and just cut the tip off when you are ready to cook.  Easy clean up!

Pre-made Pancake Mix in ziploc Bag. Make pancake batter and put in freezer bags. Pull out of the freezer to thaw, snip off a corner of the bag, and you have a quick & mess free pancake mix!


Buttermilk Caramel Syrup 1 cups buttermilk 1 cup sugar 1 cup brown sugar cup butter* 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vanilla In a large saucepan, bring buttermilk, sugars, and butter to a boil over medium heat. Remove from heat and whisk in soda and vanilla.

Omelette Roll Recipe

Omelette Roll

Omelet Roll Recipe-- This is a really good idea I am going to make it next weekend!

Sugar Cookie Bowls

Sugar Cookie Bowls

Turn your muffin pan upside down, bake cookie-dough over the top and voila – you have cookie bowls for fruit or ice-cream. Turn your muffin pan upside down, bake cookie-dough…