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a black and white drawing of a woman with a scarf on her head looking at a book
ANDERS ZORN Etsning, 1913, signerad med blyerts. "Ett brev"". P. 15.6 x 12 cm. KONDITIONSRAPPORT Ej examinerad ur ram, gulnad.
a black and white drawing of a woman's head with a turban
Unknow work 136 Anders Zorn
a drawing of a naked man in the water
Category:Etchings by Anders Zorn - Wikimedia Commons
an oil painting of two women in red sitting on the grass, one holding her head
DSC_4613 | otdelnovpavel | Flickr
two people in a small boat on the water near some rocks and grass, one woman is sitting down
Anders Zorn, The Red Skirt (Femme au jupon rouge), 1894. Oil on canvas. Private collection.
a painting of a woman leaning on a wooden fence with her hand in the air
1893 Solveig II - Albert Edelfelt
a drawing of a man holding a baby
Anders Leonard Zorn 1889 Self-Portrait - etching Chicago AI