Meredith Perry

uBeam, USA - When Meredith started her university studies she was hoping to find life on other planets. That dream took a quick turn when she got an idea for wireless electricity, much more exciting! Spotted @NYTimesBits
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Meredith Perry shows off a concept prototype of uBeam, a wireless charging platform that uses ultrasound to send electricity to devices through the air.

Wireless Charging, at a Distance, Moves Forward for uBeam

uBeam enables wireless charging on the move utilizing ultrasound

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This is just the beginning of uBeam. The future will give us a paring system between the transmitter and the devise that the user want to charge which will make it possible for the user to move around with the device without interrupting the charging.

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The solution to the never ending mess of missing chargers and knotted up cables was hidden in ultrasound technology. Meredith says that she is not an engineer and is thanking Google that gave her all the information she needed to create uBeam from scratch.

When Meredith Perry was a student at the University of Pennsylvania, she pondered on all the different charging cables we use with our electronic devices.

Meredith's CV is impressive, she is only 25 years old but have companies like NASA where she has been both a student and researcher in her past. Maybe most impressive; she is the founder of uBeam, an electricity transmitter that will charge your devises wirelessly. Just like WIFI but for electricity!

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