Hetal Pandya

Easilydo,USA - No one would say no to a couple extra hours a week. Easilydo is designed to make it easier for you to manage all your daily tasks at work and personal time to save you time and make you more productive.
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Mikael Berner, Founder/CEO easilydo & Hetal Pandya, CoFounder/VP Marketing easilydo of Context Book launch party.

The ability to touch a person in their daily lives with a piece of technology that I have a hand in! Every day I wake up thinking, “Can we do better?” and “What are those 3 things today that I can do to move that in the right direction?

EasilyDo Gets Down To Business

EasilyDo, the app that automatically helps busy people manage their calendar, contacts, and to-do lists, has a new trick up its sleeve. The app now has.