Geeta Sidhu-Robb

Nosh Detox, UK - Geeta aims to help her customers reach their bodies full potential and their personal health ambitions and goals in the most natural way possible.
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Every day, we eat things we shouldn’t and come into contact with all sorts of toxins without even knowing it. We are not designed to deal with this sort of overload and can become backed up. Our systems then start to fail. Doing a detox allows your body to catch up and process all of that build up bringing your body into homeostasis or balance.

As a practical Nutritionist and specialize in individual meal planning to reduce inflammation and re balance the different body systems.

Nosh has a wide range of different options for you to find the perfect product for your ambitions, goals and budget.

I want to lose weight! lose 3 - 5 pounds even if you have a 'Slow Metabolism' or you are over

During her son's first 18 months they had to spend most of the time in hospital due to his multiple allergies. When Geeta had to leave her job as a lawyer she realised she had to come up with her own solutions and turned to mother nature. This is when Nosh Detox was born.

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