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Spread the love~! Holy shit ENGLAND XD XD XD

Spread the love~! Holy shit ENGLAND XD XD XD aw i love the last part with ukraine huggles for the onee-chan.

Love the style

my guilty pleasure ship, PruCan. X) <<<oh please, there is NOTHING worth guilt here<<< Too true, oh wise sensei

I love this

Different Shapes of Love - Beautiful. For me, this fandom has its crazy fun, but also it's insights and moments of quiet appreciation and love.<--I've never heard of this fandom. Must be one of the smaller fandoms.

Kiku + the rest of the cast = A whole ton of shenanigans! Some of these are really funny, and others, I'm just going, "Dear God, WHY???" - Art by Uli

Kiku just can work with everyone, no one can get angry at him only if he starts scaring you because one of his movies. like Alfred

I regret reading this at school. people looked at me weirdly for crying so suddenly. Hetaoni will always hurt, no matter what.


Character I want to hug most and tell them it'll be okay: Russia :c <--- America, showing his dedication :)