Funeral Designs

Individually designed and created funeral flower wreath tributes
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Creating a West Ham logo floral wreath tribute for a funeral
Red and white Arsenal football floral wreath tribute
Flowers for a funeral
XL hearts and kisses tribute wreath, floral display for a funeral
4ft heart with a 2ft kiss either side, white based with navy blue, royal blue and gold accents
Two tier floral letter tribute for a funeral in white and and blue
OUR GRANDSON lettered wreath, white flowers with blue roses and ribbon edge
Two tier letter tribute, white based flowers with pale blue accents.
THE GOVERNOR letters for a funeral, striking floral wreath
Red and yellow rose 3/4 length coffin spray for a funeral
3ft white and royal blue gates of heaven with steps funeral flowers wreath tribute
two christmas trees are sitting on a table
The grinch funeral flowers wreath tribute with whoville tree & solar lights
a stuffed animal sitting on top of a purple and white cake
M&S Marcel Monkey stuffed toy funeral flowers wreath tribute
there is a cake made to look like the letter e on top of a table
Mini digger funeral flowers tribute wreath
a truck made out of flowers sitting on top of a table next to a blue wall
Crane lorry 3D funeral flowers wreath tribute
a red, white and blue cake sitting on top of a rug covered in flowers
Grease gun funeral wreath tribute flowers
a lamp post made out of flowers on the side of a building with a blue wall behind it
Black Victorian lamppost standing funeral wreath tribute flowers
an acoustic guitar is laying on the ground
Acoustic guitar funeral flowers wreath tribute
flowers are arranged in the shape of a heart
Tricolour shamrock funeral flowers wreath tribute in green, white and orange