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a jar filled with feathers sitting on top of a table next to a sunset sky
Closer Than I Was Yesterday! - Paperblog
I Won't Give Up
the words god is up to something or the devil wouldn't be fighting you this hard
Inspirational Things - Food Faith Fitness
WIN!!!No. Win.That. Is. Why. We. Are. Serious. Do. You. Understand. me. If. You. Don't. You. Better. Start.
a lion with its mouth open and the words protect what is yours
Protect what is yours
Protect What Is Yours Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter
a quote from c s lewis about the great thing to remember that though our feelings come and go, his love for us does not
Merry Christmas from our Family to YOURS! Don't be afraid.
C. S. Lewis. Mere Christianity! I want this book for Christmas :-)
a person standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with a sunset in the background
I persevere I am relentless. I persist. I keep going.
the bend in the road poem with an image of a tree and clouds behind it
Incidental Genius
Poems Encouragement Helen Steiner Rice poems | Thou shalt be happy
a person standing in front of a statue with the words you have three choices in life give up, give in or give it your all so remember that falling down
Inspirational Picture Quotes | Inspirational Sayings with Images | Inspirational Quotes with Pictures
life, inspirational, success, motivational, self empowerment, positive thinking, encouragement Quotes
a person walking up a hill with a backpack on their back and the words wherever you are, be all there
About | Invisible Children
"Wherever you are, be all there" - Jim Elliot
the logo for the christian life center's worship conference
Relentless Conference
a poem written in green and black with an image of a heart on the side
Relentless forward progress to the end...
the logo for reentless x - trene breed, which is also in black and white