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Thea Søgaard

Thea Søgaard
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If you want to get something unusual engraved on your body then it is best to choose one of the fabulous tribal tattoo designs. The trend of getting tribal tattoos inked in on constant rise.

Epic Tattoo Fails You Won't Believe

Some people get really nice creative tattoos done by real professions. These are some examples of the most epic tattoo fails you won't believe.

Your Tattoo Is A Fail Of EPIC Proportions! Part 2

Tattoo Fails of Epic Proportions!

Skull Sleeve Tattoo Ideas For Men

3 different levels of edginess and fright with this tattoo. A masterfully done skull, well. can't get much better than that. the skull is the Punisher skull. And third, you have the "torn-skin" tattoo. Torn skin tats are ve