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Im not one for Zuko and Katara but this is cute. And it doesn't have to mean "Zutara". I have guy friends that are the same way. <<even though I do ship zutara I like your idea.

me when kataang became canon instead of zutara!!!!!!!!!!!

(GIF) My reaction at the end of black butler season 2 after watching season Confusing? Avatar: The Last Air Bender.

I Love These . I watched this very tv show as kid . Aang was an air nomad . King Boomi was in the earth kingdom . Prince Zuko was in the fire nation . Katara and Saka were in the Southern water tribe .

Rings for each element in Avatar: the last airbender (atla air fire water earth aang korra four elements greek metal elemental jewelry four nations fandom white lotus ootwl air nomad fire nation earth kingdom water tribe) THE GEEK IN ME