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Rollo, also called Hrolf, Rolf or Rou, French Rollon (b.c. 860—d.c. 932), Scandinavian rover who founded the duchy of Normandy.

~J Rollo. The "real" Rollo invaded France, attained lands and became the first Duke of Normandy. His descendent, William the Conqueror, invaded England and his lineage were then the Kings of England.


LARP costumeLARP costume - Page 12 of 294 - A place to rate and find ideas about LARP costumes. Anything that enhances the look of the character including clothing, armour, makeup and weapons if it encourages immersion for everyone.

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Love Thy Beard Oil. I've said it before, and we’ll say it again: Nothing tames a beard like regular use of beard oil. There are many varieties to choose from, in a range of manly scents, but all of them will condition hairs to make them softer and shinier