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red, white and blue flowers are pinned to the side of a bulletin board with pins
17. Mai sløyfer
a plate with apples and oranges on it, in the middle of a circle
Saamelaiskäräjät - Sakaste hanke - Väritys- ja ompelukuvat
a colorful piece of art made out of paper
art work with children's faces and colors painted on them in the shape of people
children's art project with pictures of people wearing red hats
two children's coloring books with pictures of the same character and their names on them
Samf.fag | spireserien
a cartoon character is standing in front of a snow covered hill with flags on it
Salabyposten - Samefolkets dag
three pieces of art are hanging on the wall next to each other, with ribbons tied around them
Viihtyisä luokkahuoneemme ja kuvistöitä