back lace tattoo.

Mandala Corset Tattoo by iris-flower. Love the way a corset tat looks in the back.not so sure about the front.

25+ Japanese Water Tattoo Designs for finish on right arm need the wave style over the blue

25+ Japanese Water Tattoo Designs

japanese blue fish 30 Groovy Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Koi fish tattoos for men have the versatility of other bold tattoo designs in the industry. Check out a huge gallery of tattoos and pick your favorite!

lla una | Iona Tarot  Designer(s), Artist(s): Giona Fiochi  Country of Publication: Italy Number of Cards: 22 Publication Year: 1999 / Sacred Geometry <3

In the world of tarot, the cards can be works of art unto themselves. One rare and stunning deck is the IONA Tarot, designed and printed by artist Giona Fiochi,

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