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How to Live with an Idiot: Clueless Creatures and the People Who Love Them by John Hoover

1950s newspaper article: Should A Woman Be Spanked? WOW - along with the pictures of four men whose wives probably hated them.

Remember this when you hear people talk abut the good old days. Should A Woman Be Spanked? It was not a sexual question. Asked of four Brooklyn men by the now defunct “New York Daily Mirror.” Looks like late

"Intercourse is NOT Essential for Health"

During WWI, sexually transmitted infections put more soldiers in the hospital and out of the fight than war based injuries.

Dr. Kilmer’s Female Remedy, 1870s

Kilmer’s Female Remedy : This ‘medicine’ from the late was marketed as a ‘blood purifier’ and supposedly good for women, but by 1906 it was targeted for its peculiar claims and questionable ingredients.

This was a problem? I mean, how do you convince a man that it's a bad thing to have a large member and that he must buy pills to make it smaller?

Vintage Ad-Space 'Less cancer causing ingredients' what the hell is this stuff? Can't imagine any man I know wanting to volunteer for penis reduction