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Terje Pedersen

Terje Pedersen
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#Health Benefits of #Beer

Beer and Your Body - Health Benefits of Beer. Purple Haze made the list -awesome!

The #Homebrewing #Calendar

For Jeff Home Brewing Calendar, for all those people who keep asking me about seasons of beer

It is child abuse to convince an unprepared and underdeveloped mind that harmful lies are real. #LDS

In other words, teaching religion to anybody younger than, should be considered child abuse.

Image result for fsm fish

Image result for fsm fish


God or science to save your life. Funny how religious people *always* go to the hospital to get help. I guess faith/prayer doesn't help you after all.

Silly Christians

Your religion is your religion i could care less, and I don't agree with the silly Christian part. That being said i find the fact that all those Christian holidays were Pagan originally interesting

Actually, most people wouldn't know I was an atheist. I only bring it up when someone is shoving their faith on me. But this is funny so I'm repinning it : )

I respect everyone who has a religion unless you try to shove your religion down other peoples' throats, mine included! So personally, if you happen to be that kind of person then you and your religion can politely fuck the hell off!

Just kidding. Don't believe in him either.

As+an+atheist,+I'm+often+asked why+I+mock+religion.+Lord Satan+commands+it.+Just+kidding!

15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering

15 Questions Atheists Are Sick Of Answering. One nation under God/the Pledge of Allegiance.

Show us your Kegerator - Page 4 - Home Brew Forums

large wood brands for tap handles