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Terje Pedersen

Terje Pedersen
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God or science to save your life. Funny how religious people *always* go to the hospital to get help. I guess faith/prayer doesn't help you after all.

Silly Christians

Your religion is your religion i could care less, and I don't agree with the silly Christian part. That being said i find the fact that all those Christian holidays were Pagan originally interesting

From BHG: How to Pair Beer and Food  For Dad that loves beer, check out this Chillsner from Paper Source: http://www.papersource.com/item/Chillsner-Beer-Chiller/3305_001/519519.html

How to Pair Beer and Food. Get to know beer better with this helpful guide that highlights the unique qualities and flavors of each type of brew. Then, learn which party foods best complement each one.