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Terje Johansen

Terje Johansen
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Hard Surface Terminations.

This set of tutorials are presented by the Artist and modeller Grant Warwick. The videos cover 90 minutes of modelling tips that orientate around hard surface modelling in Max.

Character Modeling, Zbrush, Fig, 3d Design, Game Design, Game Dev, Human Anatomy, Low Poly, Modeling, Ficus, Human Body Anatomy, Figs

Character Modeling, Human Anatomy, Characters, Female Torso, Character Design, Human Body Anatomy

Tryndamere Texture Process by YBourykina on DeviantArt

my texture process for my Tryndamere model Tryndamere fanart in LoL style! Based on Statue Concept by Paul Kwon , the Splash Art by Jason Chan , and in game proportions. Thank you Pio Ravago for th.

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