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Terje Gundersen

Terje Gundersen
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Swinging Log Baby Cradle!

One of our favorite pieces of log baby furniture is our Rustic Log Cradle. Parents love keeping this Cradle next to them at night so they can keep a close watch on their newborn.

so-ro vuggen vuggen som vugger forlengs

The so-ro cradle rocks the child in a forward manner, like we rock babies in our arms. The cradle helps babies get to sleep quickly and is a more comfortable movement for the baby than sideways rocking.

wooden lunch or workbox ... I've wanted one of these Norwegian boxes for my embroidery forever!!!

wooden lunch or workbox . called a Tine (Tina) --- stays closed easy. opened carefully often given as highly decorated GIFT for Weddings, or Going Away gift, or big Bursdag

English Oak Bird Seed Feeder with colourful top holder and unique teardrop shapeThe top fixing hat is available in the following colours to compliment any garden or outdoor space: Sky Blue, Leaf Green, Blossom Pink & Sunflower Yellow Created from steam bending a single piece of Oak. Clear perspex middle with window holes for easy feeding will encourage birds into the garden throughout the year. These feeders are designed to have as little environmental impact as possible. The wood is sou...

Are you interested in our Wooden Bird Feeder? With our Contemporary Seed feeder for the garden you need look no further.

Shopmade Steam Bending Chamber - Bending Wood Tips and Techniques | WoodArchivist.com

Shopmade Steam Bending Chamber - Bending Wood Tips and Techniques - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Plans, Woodworking Projects