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Apple Science!  An apple experiment using acids and bases from your kitchen.

Apple Science Experiment

This apple science experiment is cool to watch! The kids love acid and base reactions and can't wait to see how they react with apples!

What a great way to get children using the language of attributes ... long, prickly, bumpy, smooth, etc.

Teach with Trash: Tissue Box Science

One thing readers most request is inexpensive (or free) teaching materials. Here is the first "Teach with Trash" idea, and I plan to have more to come. This is a science activity using empty tissue

Earth Science Unit.....A great visual to explain plate tectonics and the formation of volcanoes and mountains.

The Homeschool Den

Our blog has moved to This is the older version of our blog... which shared the homeschooling adventures of our kids who were 8 (LD), 6 (DD) and 3 1/2 (ED) (and the years up until then!). If you are looking for all our science and history packets (and math/language arts/etc!!) -- you'll find them at our new home!

Interactive Science Notebook Bulletin Board

Back to School!

In our house, it is not just "Back to School" for the kids! After being a stay at home mom for the last three school years, I have gone back to work. I am teaching middle school science at the Christian K-12 school where I graduated from back in.... you get the point! Here are some pictures of my new classroom: This is the top of my desk. View when you walk in from the hallway Word wall for middle school science- you can print it for free here Door decor Science tools decor hanging through…

How to create a mini water cycle in a rotisserie chicken container - fun way for cooperative learning teams to observe the water cycle in action

Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

How to create a mini water cycle in a rotisserie chicken container - fun way for cooperative learning teams to observe the water cycle in action

Simple Activities for Little Engineers

Simple Activities for Little Engineers - Inner Child Fun

Do your kids enjoy learning about how things work? Do they love to solve problems? Did they grow up reading classics such as HTML for Babies?? If so, you may be raising an engineer in-the-making! Here are some of our favorite play ideas and activities to foster the next generation of innovators. Newspaper Play Structures — …

Great Science Books for Kids

Great Science Books for Kids

Are you looking for great science books for kids for your summer reading list? Erica from What Do We Do All Day? has made an extensive list.

Scientific American features a fun, new, science-related activity every Thursday that  kids aged 6-12 can easily do. Great directions for teachers.

Dirty Science: What Makes Soil Become Dense?

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Ice Cube Experiment - Can you pick up an ice cube using a piece of thread? Find out how in this simple science experiment for kids.

Simple Science – Ice Cube Experiment

When my twins go to Kindergarten, I have the chance to spend come one-on-one time with my youngest. Some of this time is spent playing, some is spent in a test of wills (she is 3 going on 13) and some time is spent learning new concepts. I am all about learning activities like Rising Raisins and Chemical Reactions for Preschoolers that are easy to set up and use items I already have at home. This Ice Cube Experiment is similar in that it only requires four materials that you probably already…

Printable weather station

Free Printable Weather Station

What's the weather like where you are? Create your very own neat printable weather station to hang on your wall and report today's weather like an expert!

Plate Tectonics with an Oreo

Understanding Earthquakes and Volcanoes...with snack foods! (Part 1) - Canadian Red Cross Blog

We loved this blog from our friends at RedCrossPDX in Oregon, we decided to post it. There are some easy ways to demonstrate how volcanoes and earthquakes work! Last year I was fortunate to work wi…

Pizza box solar oven.  Great summer project, put the heat to good scientific use. #FLVS #cool #science #experiments

Kids Summer Science: Pizza Box Solar Oven

It’s not quite hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but a hot summer day like today would be perfect for making a solar oven from a pizza box! (This is a repost of one of our summer favo…

Types of Clouds accordian book

Measurement, Clouds & A Giveaway! - Around the Kampfire

Our hallway has been buzzing with preparations for our literacy week! During this timewe also host a Literacy Night for families to come into the classrooms and participate in bookrelated activities so…. this week, we got our bulletin board ready to go! We had a discussion about some of our favorite books and my class […]