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a small glass bowl filled with food on top of a purple plate
a baked pastry sitting on top of a piece of paper
Supersaftige scones med gulrot, havre og spelt
a casserole dish filled with shredded cheese on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Fløtegratinerte poteter med kjøttsaus !!
the meat is covered with sauce and garnish
Langtidsstekt ribbe - 8 timer - 90ºC ༺♥
a casserole dish with broccoli and cheese on it, ready to be eaten
Kyllingpanne – Knallgod
a casserole dish with bacon, cheese and parsley in it on a table
Kylling i form med bacon!
a tray filled with chicken and veggies covered in cheese
Laksemiddag i ovnen med red curry
a green tray filled with lots of cut up meat and veggies on top of it
Pølse & Potet overraskelse!
a skillet filled with meat covered in gravy
Lövbiffgryta på 30 minuter
a plate with rice and meat covered in gravy next to a bowl of salad
Kyckling- & bacongryta
two bowls of food are next to each other on a black table with utensils
Indisk kyllingpanne på 25 minutt
a casserole dish with meat and cheese in it on a wooden table next to two spoons
12 middager som er fine å fryse!
a white plate topped with meat and cheese covered in sauce next to tomatoes on a table
Fløtegratinerte poteter (favoritt)
a casserole dish with bacon, cheese and herbs
Kylling i form med bacon!
a casserole dish with bacon, cheese and parsley in it next to a bottle of beer
Kylling i form med bacon!
some french fries are sitting in a basket
Supertrikset som gir sprø ovnsstekte poteter – hver gang!
1h 0m
a pizza on a wooden cutting board with a spatula
Pizza med kylling og bacon - Mat På Bordet
there is a cake with chocolate frosting on it
Smash iskake
two desserts with strawberries and oreo cookies in them on a wooden tray
Denne desserten må dere bare prøve!
a bowl of chips and dip being poured into it
Tacogratäng med vitlöksost
a casserole dish with meat and cheese in it sitting on a wooden table
Denne vrien på fredagstacoen gir meg vann i munnen!
a person holding a cake with nuts on it
Marengs kake i langpanne med vanilje-karamell-bananer - Passion For baking
four pieces of meat wrapped in bacon sitting on a white plate next to each other
there is a piece of cake on the glass plate
Denne brownien må du bare smake!
two sandwiches with lettuce and chicken on them sitting on a blue and white towel
Kyllingsalat med eple og karri
a casserole dish with meat and vegetables in it on a blue napkin next to some parsley
Kyllingform med cashewnøtter - Oppskrift |
a cake with white frosting and fresh raspberries on top is sitting on a wooden platter
Gulrotkake med sjokoladebiter og bringebær - Ida Gran Jansen