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an image of a woman standing in the woods next to a giant creature with long hair
Thriller Thursday
The strange and unusual, legends and unexplained
there is a drawing of a woman on a cat carriage with two cats around her
an article from the book aphrrotite
the feminist greek mythology book info sheet
Feminist Greek Mythology Books
Feminist Greek Mythology Books: Circe, Clytemnestra, Atalanta, Ariadne, A Thousand Ships, Elektra, The Silence of the Girls #reading #readingasethetic
an article about the internet and its content is shown in this screenshote image
some movies that are in different languages and have been written on the same screen as they appear
if I was a goddess, I would be Algea or Astraea
an old book with the words ahna written in black and white ink on it
Greek Mythology- Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy, One of The Twelve Olympian Gods- Athena
an image of the front cover of a brochure with information about different types of items
A guide to worship of Hermes - cheat sheets
an image of a woman in red and gold with her arms spread out to the side
a poster with different types of animals and their names
a woman laying on top of a lush green field
Freya, Elena Skitalets
the moon school's poster for dark goddesss
13 Formidable Examples of the Dark Goddess for 2024 | The Moon School
the japanese yoka poster is shown with all its characters and their names on it
a poster with an image of two women holding a baby in her arms and the words, norns
Norns – The Mysterious Weavers of Fate in Norse Mythology
an old book cover with a drawing of a bird on it's back side
Lesser Known Mythological Creatures From Around the World [GALLERY] - Geeks are Sexy
the different types of logos and their meanings
In order to make my AU, I had to create some glyphs. These aren't the only one I'll make tho but, what did you people think?
a large number of lines that are drawn in different colors and sizes, all on one side
40 Scary Monsters of the Night & Where to Find Them - Sleep Matters Club
an image of a statue with the words'mythical creature'written below it, in front of a red background
a statue of a deer with the words 7 japanese folklore stories to know for your japanese holiday
7 Japanese Folklore Stories to Know for a Japanese Holiday
the poem is written in black and white with an image of a mermaid on it
30 Creepy Stories and Urban Legends from the US of A
two children looking at each other with the words, who are the rottenly fairies and what happens if you cross them?
Who are the Rothley fairies and what happens if you cross them?