Jeff Bridges

Black and white photos of actors, focusing on the creative and unique aspect and structure of the photo itself and the person being photographed. **I do not own these photos** Black & White Actresses.

Willem Dafoe by Patrick Swric More

Willem Dafoe by Patrick Swric. Not a conventionally handsome face by any means, but look at the character the photographer managed to capture using just shadows.

The Martian (2015)

The Martian takes place most likely in the near future of the book never says a year but you can assume this is in the near future since N. already has ligament plans to send astronauts to Mars.

Photo by Frank Siteman – Orson Welles at the Orson Welles Cinema in Cambridge, MA, USA 1978.

Orson Welles actor, director, producer & writer in theater, radio & film.

de niro

Robert De Niro - American actor, director, producer, and voice actor. Photo by Scott McDermott