Llambordes llargues sobre gespa

Not much of a disturbance to the natural environment. Sala Phuket - Landscape & Photography by Department of ARCHITECTURE Co.

Bottle Terrium Finish Product

illuminated terrarium system including glass vessel and light, not yet for sale, Company name-- "mosslight-LED"

garden wooden steps

landscape lighting design, installation instructions, how-to guides, maintenance tips & project ideas

Creative Garden Designs for backyard

43 Must-Seen Garden Designs for Backyards

Formal English Garden - Hedges of Boxwoods and Burning bushes frame beds of perennials, roses, and other flowering shrubs.

These boxwood gardens that you are about to see will for sure make you add some boxwood plants into your backyard or front yard.

Hedges and topiary | Louise del Balzo Garden Design by jenny

See what Louise del Balzo has done here? Same as before - big balls thrown into a frame with added spot of colour - bold effect no messing. Those 'big balls' are probably of Teucrium interior design design garden design decorating before and after