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several different fabric samples are laid out on a tablecloth with blue and green designs
GP & J Baker - Originals Wallpaper
Taking inspiration from hand painted documents in our world renowned archive, Baker Originals Wallpaper introduces the first three in a series of wallpapers based on the iconic and enduring GP & J Baker designs. These joyous designs have been creatively re-coloured, re-scaled and reimagined in a striking colour palette, perfect for fresh and relevant contemporary interiors.
a blue and white striped chair with red piping on the arm rests against a wall
Porch Light Interiors on Instagram: "Loved installing these beautiful custom made occasional chairs yesterday in one of our favourite @christopherfarrcloth fabrics #customfurniture #christopherfarr #porchlightinteriors #customdesign"
an upholstered headboard with green and white designs on it's sides
a bed sitting next to a nightstand with a lamp on top of it
Home Interiors Inspo
a bed sitting next to a night stand with flowers on it and a mirror above it
4 Bed House Barnes | Lara Clarke Interiors
a bed sitting next to a window in a room with two lamps on either side of it
4 Bed House Barnes | Lara Clarke Interiors
4 Bed House Barnes| Lara Clarke Interiors
a bedroom with two lamps on either side of the bed and a nightstand next to it
Bedroom with wall light, lamp, cushions, headboard.
a red headboard with two pillows on it and a lamp next to the bed
Autumnal Bedroom - Cotswolds — Field & Co. Interior Design
two beds with blue and white bedding in a bedroom next to each other,
The PatternSpy looks at headboard ideas and some fabulous examples
a bedroom with a bed, night stand and lamp on the nightstand next to it
Chalet Juni Morzine Chalet - TurnerPocock
a bedroom with a bed, nightstand and painting on the wall
Prince of Wales Drive, Battersea Apartment - TurnerPocock
a blue and white patterned headboard on a bed