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true self

20 Questions To Ask That Will Reveal A Person’s True Self In life, we all just want someone to know us, to hear us, and to appreciate us. We want someone to listen to our crazy stories and .

Emotions as colors…

Emotions heatmap People drew maps of body locations where they feel basic emotions (top row) and more complex ones (bottom row). Hot colors show regions that people say are stimulated during the emotion.

I LOVE MUSIC.MUSIC IS MY LIFE. I have no idea what i would do if i had no music for an hour. No wonder i hate school, i cant listen to my music.

50 Inspirational Quotes to Live By in Daily Life

If someone needs saving why wouldn't people stand by them just to be there. We are all the same just some need to take a moment at times and realize people are just people no one is perfect we must remember this or all is lost.

Pop music vs Classical

Pop music vs Classical >>> Especially when you're trying to learn voice parts and it turns out that everything is either Baritone or Soprano 1